Brand Identity

Is your brand communicating what it should be?

Brand Identity Services

Your brand identity is a unique symbol or statement that communicates the quality of your products or services to your customers. However, your brand is more than a logo as it defines your organization’s reputation, stance, culture, and personality.

Studio490 can help you build your brand identity with creativity and strategy to exceed your business goals.

Your brand may need to be nurtured, or it may need to be pruned. Left alone for too long, they inevitably become cluttered, lifeless, and ineffective.

We offer a top-down audit of your brand that crosses your entire digital spectrum. We evaluate your branding, website, social media, email marketing, SEO, and more. When complete, you’ll understand what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can help make the necessary adjustments.

Why Start With a Brand Audit? 

  • We could start with rebuilding something like your website, and perhaps we do, but we highly recommend brand audits because it helps set expectations and build a future roadmap. We evaluate past efforts, identify where improvements could be made, and even point out where you’re doing well. This gets everyone on the same page before resources are spent in the wrong area.
  • Brands are all-encompassing. They’re not just for your social media feed, or at least they shouldn’t be. Our audit evaluates your brand from the top down, wherever it exists because it gives us a complete picture of who you are, and how you communicate to your audience.
  • It helps you understand the why behind our suggestions. We believe in every service we offer, but we know that you may need some more information. We detail why some things aren’t (or are!) working and describe how we can fix them. Our audits come with a post-audit meeting to discuss our findings and explain unknowns and answer any questions.

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Every business owner faces the same challenge in that they are always trying to position their business in front of their target audience. That’s why it’s even more important that your brand effectively communicates what it should.

How’s Your Brand Doing? 

Once The Audit is Complete

We then prioritize the to-do list and work through them all while keeping the brand in focus. Our job is to address issues, be consistent and add missing pieces as needed. Delivering a consistent message to your audience reduces confusion while increasing engagement. That seems to be money well spent.


Brand Strategy

We develop a comprehensive plan to help you utilize your brand to drive sales and increase brand awareness. You’d be surprised how often someone makes assumptions about a brand that is completely wrong. Yours won’t be one of them.

Resource Management

We create a library of elements and a style guide that can be used to create future materials. This is important as you will need to provide your logo to vendors for use. Providing them with a brand guide instructs them on the proper use.

Project Redo

We outline the materials, and channels that need to be reprinted, updated, added to, or removed to become more brand consistent. Once your brand aligns with your company’s vision, you can rest assured it’s reflecting your business and then move into building brand equity.

A Head Start

Wouldn’t it be beneficial if a potential client could be educated on your business before they even reach out to you? Your brand is the first step in educating your audience about your company. The clearer your brand is the better the performance will be when it comes to recognition.

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