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Brand Audit Services

Brands are things that need to be nurtured and pruned. Left alone for too long, they inevitably become cluttered, lifeless, and ineffective. Enter Studio490’s brand audit services.

These are top-down audits of your brand across the entire digital spectrum. We evaluate your branding, website, social media, email marketing, SEO, and more. When complete, you’ll understand what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can move forward.

Why Start With a Brand Audit? 3 Reasons:

  1. We could start with rebuilding something like your website, and perhaps we do, but we highly recommend brand audits because it sets the expectations and builds a roadmap for the future. We evaluate past efforts, identify where improvements could be made, and even point out where you’re doing well. This gets everyone on the same page.
  2. Brands are all-encompassing. They’re not just your social media feed, or at least they shouldn’t be. Our audit evaluates your brand top-down, wherever it exists, because it gives us a fuller picture of who you are and how we should communicate.
  3. It helps you understand the why behind our services. We believe in every service we offer, but we understand that you may need some more information. We go into detail about why some things aren’t (or are!) working and detail how we can fix it. All of our audits come with a post-meeting to discuss our findings and explain unknowns.

What exactly are you “auditing”?

  • The Brand audit will look at nearly every “spoke and wheel” of your brand. This includes reviewing:
      • Your Website
        • Security checks
        • Performance reports
        • Google analytics
      • Your Social Media Accounts
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Instagram
        • LinkedIn
        • Pinterest
      • Your Email Marketing
      • Your SEO Development
      • Branding Materials (if necessary)

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