Destination U

A Summer Vacation You’ll Never Regret


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Week 1

Unplug from routines

Week 2

Reflect on the year

Week 3

Discover something

The Importance of Learning New Things

The Importance of Learning New Things

Before you enter the career world, as a kid, your Summers were probably filled with playing outside and basically doing whatever you wanted throughout the hot, Summer months.

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Week 4

Set a new goal

5 Reasons Goals You Set Matter

5 Reasons Goals You Set Matter

Vacations can be stressful for the person who loves to plan things. You want everything to be worked out on an itinerary and take advantage of your time.

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Week 5

Learn a new skill

Week 6

Check for tan lines

Week 7

Check the memories

Measure Your Growth Continually

Measure Your Growth Continually

Here’s the aim: when you look back on this day 365 days from now, we want this to be a positive experience and something that keeps you motivated.

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What is Destination U?

Destination U is a 7-week Staycation designed to help you reinvent yourself and dream up future possibilities for your company. In order to develop, you need to take the time to train and improve yourself.

We hope that these 7 weeks of inspiring and challenging material will encourage you to work smarter this Fall.

“Studio490 is the swiss army knife of design—Sleek. Versatile. Economical. With Studio490, everything comes in one efficient package. Marketing: Covered. Web: No Problem. Social Media: Cutting edge. What I love about TJ is that we communicate our ideas, but he crafts our dreams into visual reality.”

Brian Goins

I cannot say enough about Tj and the Studio490 team. For the past 3 years, Studio490 has built 2 customized websites for us, designed all our social media, produced all our digital marketing and print ads, and partnered with us on countless projects. They always over deliver and far exceed our expectations.

Jorge Martinez

“I wanted to say thank you. We have had so much trouble getting our website the way we wanted it and it looks fabulous! I am extremely happy. You guys were able to do what two different companies have failed to do so we are very pleased. Thank you, thank you!!”

Teresa Fivek

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