Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is not a flashy service, but it’s necessary to keep a website performing well and communicating effectively to your audience. Keeping up-to-date isn’t easy as it seems, as everything is constantly changing. In addition, it requires time and effort, something someone fully occupied with their job may not have. Studio490’s web maintenance services lighten your burden and allow you to focus on the important aspects of your company. We can be there on an as-needed basis to make updates, or we can be there on a monthly retainer to proactively grow your website presence and help you stay ahead of the curve. 

The business landscape changes frequently, and the needs of your audience require you to keep up. You don’t need a dedicated person to shoulder the work and take up valuable resources. Why not have a digital marketing partner who can handle that work when you need it? 

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Overwhelmed with website updates or you simply don’t have time to make them? Studio490 can help reduce stress and make you look like a rockstar.

Maintenance Packages

If you have any questions regarding our web support services, we’d be more than happy to answer them. If you are ready to move forward, contact us today. Non-profit rates available.

Web Maintenance



WordPress Updates
Performance Monitoring
Security Testing
Monthly Monitoring
SEO Development
Content Adjustments
Content Creation
Develop New Pages
Website Optimization
Plug-in Updates
Software Updates
Landing Page Dev
Website Audit

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Web Hosting



Free Web Transfer
SSL Certificate Included
Unlimited monthly traffic
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Uptime monitoring
10-30 GB Storage
Full Daily backups
Cloud-based Hosting
Cloudflare Security & CDN
Firewall Protection
WAF (Wide Area Firewall)
Malware Monitoring
99.9% uptime guaranteed

Monthly or Annual Payment Options Available

What is Website Maintenance?

The quality and design of your website are essential, but equally as important are the monitoring and adjustments of content that come with a healthy website. Well-performing and good-ranking websites aren’t static but rather evolve and deliver high-performance and new content frequently. Studio490 handles website updates, security upgrades, and performance testing with our monthly maintenance services. If you’ve ever wondered why your website is running slower or ranking lower than other websites, timely maintenance, and performance adjustments is often the culprit. Modern websites need these monthly updates to ensure complete compliance with ever-changing technological standards. 

One of the many benefits of having Studio490 on retainer is using any of those hours toward many of our digital marketing services. Studio490 can add new pages, adjust the content, offer graphic design services, and much more. These are all simple ways to update and keep your website fresh while funneling visitors to conversions. 

The majority of our clients start with a monthly maintenance package that includes time for technical necessities and monthly creative work! However, they quickly see the benefit of having a digital marketing partner and increasing their hours directly improves their performance and results. 

Next Level Development

So you have someone who can make minor updates on your website. Great! Let’s talk about the next level of website development: Growth.  


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an often-overlooked strategy that can really impact your search engine ranking. We offer a full range of SEO services like on-page, off-page, link-building, keyword research, and more. In addition, on-page SEO development is a great way to build traction organically. 


Website Marketing best practices include landing pages, Google Analytics, Google Search & Display ads, and more. These services move into areas that benefit from a certified specialist whom you can rely on to help your business/organization grow. Are you in need of any of these services?


Digital Marketing Consulting is a service that can help shed light on a service, and best practices, answer questions, and suggest a starting point. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to invest your time, effort, and resources to get the most ROI. It’s vital to set realistic expectations of your efforts before you start investing in them. 

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Every business faces the same challenge in that they are always trying to position themselves in front of their target audience. Website maintenance is a great foundation to build on as you’ll always know your content is communicating accurately to your visitors.

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