Does my Business Need to Advertise?

You’re probably wondering how to attain more customers and on-going clients for your business. It’s harder than ever to gain someone’s trust as a business. Making things harder, people are frugal with their money, and for a good reason. They want to know that what you’re offering gives value and solves their problems. This should be the center of your advertising efforts: value and trust. The hard part is making your advertisements valuable for the client and equally as valuable for your business! Social media has helped bring advertising costs way down so thousands of people can see your message. But that also means people are viewing more ads than ever, so you have to stand out from the noise they see all day.


Social Media Is Great, But Organic Reach Is Down


Every small business should be involved in social media advertising. Facebook gives you more value than any other social platform and its ad manager can create any campaign you desire. Posting regularly scheduled updates on social media is 100% worth it, Facebook or not, but you won’t reach 100% of your audience with every post that’s published; not anymore at least. The days of high organic reach are quickly becoming ancient stories to tell your kids. Facebook wants their money, but thankfully, the buy-in is relatively cheap and super flexible for every business plan. You can run ads 24/7, all-month long starting at $30. That’s pretty hard to beat. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn all house their own ad platforms that can be used to reach the users on their particular network. Consider where your audience resides and use that to guide your advertising decisions. These platforms won’t be quite as valuable as Facebook, but these platforms will often have users that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • Instagram: A great spread of ages, but specializes in 20-30. Very influential.
  • Snapchat: Very young audience.
  • Pinterest: Female-leaning audience, great for inspiration.
  • Linkedin: Unrivaled B2B Marketing.


Google AdWords Is Still King


Social advertising is cheaper, but Google AdWords is still alone at the top when it comes to pure effectiveness. When you’re searching for a product on Google, you’re looking to buy. You aren’t trying to see what your friends are up to Facebook; you’re researching where to spend your hard-earned money. That contributes to the reason why Google’s performance metrics can be trusted and are extremely useful.

Unfortunately, effectiveness doesn’t drive a hard bargain. You’ll end up paying a pretty penny for each of those website visits. When it comes to Google AdWords and Social Advertising, ideally I would recommend you contribute small budgets to both. Don’t choose one because they’re vastly different.


Because Others Are Doing It


Why advertise? Well, the short reason is that everyone else is advertising. When you don’t advertise alongside your competitors, you’re essentially handing them your business. People are searching the exact same thing you should be showing up for on Google, but they’re seeing your competitors because they put in the effort to advertise.

With information so easily accessible, it’s not enough to merely have a website and hope someone will stumble across your one-of-a-kind services. If you’re unique, tell people! Get in front of them and flaunt your stuff.

People expect ads when they’re searching Google and scrolling through their social feeds. You won’t annoy anyone by offering them value. Ongoing advertising efforts are crucial because when people continually see your brand, they instinctively begin to recognize your name and logo. You’re building trust.

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