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Time For Growth:

Google advertising is a powerful tool to elevate your business above your competitors. It’s a platform where visibility matters, and being on the first page, ideally at the top, is crucial. This platform delivers consistent results and contributes significantly to online growth.

Understanding Google Advertising:

When you search for terms like “digital marketing in Charlotte,” the competition is fierce. Achieving a top ranking on Google is challenging and requires a blend of on-page and off-page SEO, content development, and a long-term strategy. It’s a journey that demands patience and a partnership with a Google-certified team. We provide these services, focusing on setting realistic expectations from the start.

When executed correctly, Google advertising can propel your company’s website up the search rankings. This process involves a research cycle, data analysis, results evaluation, refinements, and budget adjustments. Selecting the right keywords and locations is crucial, and working with a certified ad professional is essential. Our team is trained and certified in Google Advertising to ensure we deliver top-notch service.

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Website Development:

We emphasize excellent communication in developing Google Ads, as it’s a complex service. We don’t just send reports; we meet to discuss them, answer questions, and offer suggestions. Our process includes:

  • Discovery Meeting: We start with a discovery meeting, followed by keyword research and competitive analysis to define the project’s scope.
  • Campaign Planning: We suggest the appropriate campaign, ad groups, budget, and timeline based on the project’s scope.
  • Service Costs: Our services include an ad campaign setup fee, a monthly management fee, and your monthly ad spend. We require a minimum commitment of six months to gather sufficient data for effective adjustments.
  • Monthly Reviews: Regular meetings are scheduled to review reports, discuss performance, and suggest improvements.

Display Ads and Expectiations:

Display ads appear on articles, videos, or websites and can be an effective part of your strategy. With Google Ads, your ads can be featured on the Google Display Network (GDN), reaching over 90% of internet users. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations; significant results can take three to six months to materialize.

Certification and Reporting:

Our team is certified in Google Ads and Display Ads. We begin with a discovery meeting to understand your company, goals, and ad requirements. Monthly or bi-monthly meetings are held based on your package, where we discuss ad performance and make data-driven suggestions.

Website Page Optimization:

An often overlooked aspect of Google Ad success is the landing page quality. Your website must have high-converting landing pages to maximize Google Ads effectiveness. Sometimes, creating new pages optimized for conversion is necessary. We consult with our clients on targeting the best-performing pages for optimal results.

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Every business owner aims to position their business effectively in front of their target audience. Paid Google ads offer a strategic way to achieve this, ensuring your business reaches the right people with the right message at the right time.

Are you ready to embark on this journey with us? Let’s explore how Google Advertising can transform your business’s digital presence.