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What is Content Marketing?

Meaningful content marketing development separates you from others by effectively communicating your message with a strategy. A beautiful website is fantastic; however, strategic content is necessary for several reasons.

  • Relevant keyword-focused content connects the dots with search engines and impacts your ranking.
  • Good content benefits your visitors to find what they are looking for and ultimately take the next step in contacting you.
  • Well-developed content also helps you with overall website structure and organization.

Studio490 can help you communicate to your audience through keyword-rich page content, topic-driven blog articles, consistent email marketing, and much more. Content marketing is most useful for your clients when it provides value on a timely schedule. Studio490’s content marketing development services are focused on helping you think around corners and communicate with your audience.

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Every business faces the same challenge in that they’re trying to position themselves in front of their target audience. Content marketing is a great way to diversify your efforts and reach a larger audience through your website, email, social and more.

Content Marketing Development Options 

Web Content

So you’ve developed a new website, and it has the most up-to-date design trends and all the security features you need. However, you’ve noticed that conversions are not what you thought they would be after the launch. The truth is, you may not have addressed your web content and just migrated it over from the previous website. It’s essential to your company’s bottom line to address both your pages’ design and content. The design and functionality can capture their attention, but keyword-rich content gets traction on search engines and leads to conversion on-site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing while easy to participate in can be complicated to speak the right message to the right audience. Segmenting your email list appropriately helps increase opens and clicks. It’s harder and harder to get your email into someone’s inbox, with consumers becoming choosier about who is sending emails. Two big components of email marketing: (1) increasing the number of quality emails and (2) funneling these leads to your lead magnet/landing pages. Email marketing is more than just sending emails; it uses many variables that help with communication and conversions.


Blog articles play a vital part in the lifeblood of content marketing as they address topics, questions, keywords, and trending searches. They can fuel email marketing campaigns, social media and help grow website traffic. There’s a reason why blogs are so popular; they provide value for both the creator and the consumer!

A keyword-driven blog article that’s well-structured and has a great SEO title can serve as the primary way for much of your web traffic. For example, if someone is searching for “help with SEO development,” that key phrase will most likely be in one of your blog articles and show up in ranking.

Social Media

Content marketing extends into social media marketing as your social posts will funnel traffic to your website page. Each social post should have a purpose, and many of the posts, if not all, should have a call-to-action that drives that visitor to your website. You’re giving them a small amount of info on social media, but when you funnel them to your website, they get the rest of the story. Think of social media as the commercial for your business that must give them a CTA while only telling part of the story.

We can help you create a strategic campaign, as well as help you create the web page you direct them to.

Consider the following

The design doesn’t always move the needle when managers are making bottom-line decisions. Most of the time they need information that not only draws them to your website but educates them on your products or services.

So if you need help with content creation for new or existing web pages, let us help.

Spoke & Wheel Approach

We always talk to our clients about the spoke-and-wheel approach to developing their digital marketing. The website is the hub of that wheel, and each spoke is a channel of communication and marketing. Spokes are made up of some of the following:

  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Email
  • Collaterals
  • Newsletter
  • Google Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Content

The more significant number of spokes, but better the performance as it offers many ways for your audience to engage your business. Studio490 can help you with all of the above, and it can start with a simple conversation to help discover your needs and build trust.

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