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Meaningful content marketing separates you from others by communicating your message. A beautiful website is fantastic, however, helpful content is necessary.

You can communicate to your audience through page content, blog articles, email blasts, and much more. Marketing Content is most useful for your clients when it provides value. Studio490’s content marketing development is focused on the “they ask, you answer” mentality.

What is Content Marketing Development?

Web Content

Alright, so you’ve got this really nice website and it has the most up-to-date design trends and all the security features you need. However, you’ve run into a problem. You’ve got the design, but you have nothing to say alongside the design. Web content is so important to your company’s website; you should be investing in both the design and the content on your pages. The design and functionality can capture their attention, but what actually sells the product is the words on the screen.


Email Marketing

Email marketing represents something crucial in modern age communication. Privacy. It’s harder and harder to insert yourself into someone’s inbox with consumers becoming choosier about who they receive emails from. Email marketing has two components: (1) increasing the number of email subscriptions and (2) funneling these leads to your call-to-action. You have a unique amount of attention when someone opens your email. Make it count.

Why Do I Need Content Marketing Development?

You need content marketing because it’s the ultimate compliment to a digital presence. There’s no good in having a website, social media account and YouTube channel if you don’t develop good, quality content that funnels leads into real clients. Studio490 has been developing strategic content development since the founding of our company because its integral to everything we do.

Content Marketing Development Goes Even Further


Design doesn’t always cut it when managers are making decisions. Sometimes they need more information. Blog articles play a vital part in the lifeblood of content marketing. They can fuel email marketing campaigns, social media updates and occupy web pages. Blog articles are also highly valuable for SEO purposes. There’s a reason why blogs are so popular in the internet era; they provide value for both the creator and the consumer!


Social Media

Content marketing even extends to social media marketing. After all, you’re creating content when you’re writing updates, publishes videos and crafting images. There’s no social media without content. We’d be talking about nothing!

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