Don’t be Scared to do Business

If you’ve been too busy doing the work instead of working your business, then some things have probably passed you by. It seems as if you stand still for 30 minutes and something in business passes you by. We are here to say that is 100% correct. But take heart and know that you can get back in the thick of it at anytime you’d like.

The hardest part is not what to do but rather actually doing something. Just like AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) states, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Similar to that statement, the first step to business growth is admitting you have to start to do something and that starts now.

We don’t want to trivialize the HOW part of this process, because that could be just as terrifying to someone. But this is where you start to have conversations internally about what you’d like to do and how you get there. You may have someone on staff that has been waiting for you to move on this kind of project. Then again, you may have to bring in a outside source like Studio490 to provide some consultation on where to begin.

The first step to business growth is admitting you have to start


  • Meet to discuss growth
  • Discuss channels to move into (Social, Web, Email marketing, Video etc.)
  • Evaluate internal staff for qualifications
  • Do we need some outside help in some areas?
  • Plan a calendar of what you want to do and when you’d like to start them
  • Assign the project(s) to someone and set goals (timeline, cost, sales etc.)
  • Revisit this project every two weeks for the first 3 months then monthly after that.
  • Once a quarter reevaluate your efforts (understand this is going to take time, effort and money)
  • Increase the areas that are working and adjust the ones that are not
  • Stay with it

What should happen next: Have a internal meeting

Pick one or 5 people from your staff that you think could bring some experience and input around the topic of business growth. Listen, take notes and meet again in 3 days to choose a direction to move.

What should not happen: Stand Still

The longer you wait, the deeper the hole your business will have to climb out of. Doing nothing isn’t really a great business strategy. 

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