Social Media Process

Our social media process is built to communicate with you about your organization so we can help you communicate with your target audience. Social media development requires planning and strategy to educate and engage your audience. A well-developed social campaign can serve as a great source of education, website traffic, and conversions.

Look at the timeline below to see the different stages of the process. You will also see several FAQs listed below for the timeline as well as a calendar to schedule a short conversation. We look forward to helping you with your social media needs.


Discuss Social Media Process:

Questions Answered

Content Resources

Expectations & Goals Set

30 Day Schedule


Design Social Media Updates:

Graphics Designed

Text Written

Links Established

Reviewed by Client


Scheduling Updates on Platforms

Platforms Identified

Days & Times Established

Updates Scheduled


Listening for Engagement:

Questions Answers

Spam Scrubbed

Notified When Needed

Repeat Month Process


30 Day Development Cycle

1st – Client Provides Details

15th – S4 Provides PDF for Review

20th – Feedback/Approval from Client


Do you create unique updates for each platform?

No, we create a single graphic update that is shared on all platforms but the text part of the update is targeted to work on each platform.

Where do you get the content to share on my networks?

We look to you to provide detailed specifics for events or promotions to us to create graphics. We also discuss this and other options in Phase ONE to determine content required. 

How often will the updates go out on my social networks?

The number of updates will be determined by which social package you’ve chosen. We will then choose the best day and time to post.

When do you need content from me?

We work 30 days ahead of posting to give your content enough time to get out in front of your audience. It will take a team effort to stay on schedule.

Do I have to signup for a 6 month or 12 month contract?

Yes, social media takes some time to build momentum and anything less than 6 months doesn’t allow us enough time to perform and measure activity.

How does the advertising process work?

Your package has a ad budget of $50 built into it. We discuss what your target audience is and create a graphic to be used to reach that audience.

What if I don't know what to give to you?

In Phase ONE we will discuss the type of content we will require from you. We can even help you learn what to provide us for social use.

What if I’m not sure what the graphics should look like?

We would encourage you to trust us as we are professionals and understand what you are trying to accomplish with social media.

What if I have a month that I don’t have anything for you?

In Phase ONE we will discuss general updates that are always great to use to engage and educate your audience about your products / services.

How will you grow the number of my followers?

We use the social advertising budget to target your audience and reach them with an ad that encourages  them to follow your organization.

Why do I need to provide info 30 days in advance?

Developing social content on a 30 day cycle allows us to be proactive instead of reactive. This allows for enough time for an event or product promotion to gain traction.

Can I cancel my social package at anytime?

Yes, with a 30-day notice you can upgrade or downgrade your social package. But you will be responsible to pay for any work that has been completed.

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