The Power of Email Automation

Establishing and developing good communication with your audience through email automation is critical to growing your business. There are many communication channels that an organization needs to be using, such as its website, social, marketing materials, and more. Email marketing ranks as one of the most critical.

Email Marketing

Many companies don’t spend time building their email list. They want to send emails because they’re a powerful marketing form, but they have nowhere to send them! Whether you’re reaching out to current clients or looking to build relationships with future ones, email marketing should find a place in your mind as a business owner. At the very least, keep a current database of current clients.

Frequent and consistent communication will help keep your company at the forefront of their mind. Furthermore, you appear like a consistent force in their business. This establishes authority and trust.

White Label Marketing Via Your Phone | The Power of Email Automation


Continuing with the train of thought that you at least have a database of your current clients and their emails, you probably have a wide variety of clients. Some need this product, some are more active, etc. The point is that not everyone should get the same email. Perhaps only 50% of your email list needs to know about an update to a service or product because the other half have no clue about it in the first place!

Furthermore, you shouldn’t speak to a new client the same way you speak to a client you’ve been working with for several years. As leads become clients, put them in the corresponding list.

“As clients mature, move them into a segmented list that talks about scaling and growth.”

The Power of Automation

Now that you have built your list and segmented them into the appropriate lists, it’s time to automate. Automation requires planning but can be infinitely repeated for future leads, clients, and more. Drip campaigns establish current contacts to receive communications in a planned, strategic way. They’ll receive one email three days after joining, and if they open that email, they’ll receive another one with further details six days later. If they didn’t open the first email, perhaps they’ll receive an email ten days later following up and requesting any of their questions.

Automation succeeds in two significant ways:

  • It doesn’t talk to everyone the same way
    • Leads follow different email paths
  • It removes the need for manual email follow-ups

Using an automated sequence helps you get more consistent with your communication with your clients. This automation is also very powerful when it comes to client leads.

Reaching out to a client lead and introducing yourself and your services is a great way to utilize email automation. One answer leads to a follow-up a few days later that may lead to a conversation. Another answer may lead to booking a meeting at their next available opening.

The power of automation is that you don’t have to babysit this process once it’s developed. You simply have to feed it emails which is why it’s essential to build your email list.

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