Are you ready for the upcoming headless websites?

A headless website is a website that has no front-end code. Instead, it is a backend-only API in which third-party apps or CMSs deliver the site’s content. Headless Website architecture provides high performance, security, and maintenance. It also allows developers to focus on their core code development competency while not worrying about the front-end side. However, it comes at a cost as specific features, such as video and animation, can’t be implemented on this website. This solution also doesn’t allow for dynamic information delivery so it won’t work with eCommerce functionality.

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The website solution doesn’t use traditional PHP but pushes an HTML-based front end after content changes are made. It still has a backend, but the front end is generated dynamically by the server on the fly. This type of website is becoming increasingly popular because it’s faster to load, virtually hackproof, and much easier to maintain. The rule of thumb is that whatever your current load time, a headless account can reduce your load time to something like 1/12 the speed.

Example: If your website (homepage) currently takes 12 seconds to load, switching to a headless solution could reduce it to 1 second.


  • Loads extremely fast
  • Virtually hackproof
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • The wave of the future
  • Google will start to rank better
  • Would perform well on a CDN


  • It doesn’t support dynamic info
  • Updates are not live until published
  • Technology is still evolving
  • There may be some added costs upfront for development. However, it will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Lower-end web solutions will be slow to support development
  • It may require some mid-level hosting
  • If you want to add eCommerce, you may need to do so with a third party or sub-directory.

Digital agencies such as Studio490 will start to use headless websites to provide their clients with a customized experience in terms of design, performance, and security. The client can then use their domain name and host it anywhere they want without worrying about performance or security issues.

You should consider the Headless Website an option if you are looking for a new website but know that this technology is at the front of the curve and is still evolving. We believe that while this solution may still be a year or so away from being on the lips of every designer/developer, we should note it’s coming.

So how do you decide if it’s an excellent time to start headless? First, speak to your creative business partner to get an up-to-date view of the technology. There was a time when iframes, flashes, and parallax were all the rage. Never a chance fades, but embrace beneficial web solutions.

If it’s time to move in that direction, do so with sound input. If it’s not the time, then an agency like Studio490 should let you know.