How Long Does A Website Last?


April, 2021

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The lifespan of a website

If you’re like most business owners, one of the questions you ask the web developer is, “how much is this going to cost and how long is this going to last me?” That’s not the right question to ask because the business landscape can change on a dime. If 2020 taught businesses anything is you have to be able to adapt to how people conduct business. Your organization may have been built around being in people’s presence but now has to have a virtual option (churches, restaurants, training, sales, education, etc.)

So building a tool that you’ll use to grow your business is vital, as is how often you update it to respond to what’s going on around you.

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to the life of a website.

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The “One and Done” website

In this scenario, the owner reluctantly was talked into doing a website. They didn’t have a great experience because of poor communication from both parties. Thus, the owner never wants to go through that again. So the website created in 2002 still has employees who have long since moved on. Products are outdated, and broken links litter the pages of the website. 

“Everything communicates: This website says this company may be out of business.”

The “It’s fine the way it is” website

In this case, the owner either paid too little, and current prices shock them or paid too much and are hesitant to invest that much again. They may know they need to address specific issues but can’t resolve the investment return to develop a new website.

Everything communicates: This communicates that this business may not invest in all areas of their business well. Your digital presence should be one of the most important places to invest as a business.

The “I want to upgrade and grow my business” website

This upgrade is the sweet spot when it comes to a web development client. This person understands that they need to address their online presence to grow their business. They know they have to invest in their website every 2-3 years because of how fast technology changes. They also understand they have to invest in their online presence due to how client behavior changes. What if your future clients didn’t conduct business with you because your website reflected the poor service quality? 

This person probably also understands that they have to invest in their website, social media, SEO, Email marketing, and more to round off their marketing efforts.

Everything communicates: This communicates that this business owner is doing all they can to grow their business no matter the business landscape. They can adapt to the economy, trends and still keep a firm handle on ROI.

The “I want to upgrade my website…again” website

Here we have a person who has missed the mark and ended up on the wrong side of the development target. Instead of getting strategic with their website and developing something that performs and converts, they have chased another trend. They usually come to us and say, “I saw this on another website and want to do it on mine.” The flaw in this approach is, what if the trend doesn’t benefit your business? What if it’s a short trend like Parallax. When Parallax first came out, people flocked to it and, as usual, overdid it on their websites. Years later, we see Parallax used, but in a much smaller percentage. 

Instead of copying something cool you see on another website, spend time learning if that functionality would benefit your business.

Everything communicates: This person chases trends and starts to change the website less than three months after launch because they saw something new. 

So how do you get going? 

You book a meeting with Studio490 to discuss where you are and where you need to be. We discuss your goals and objectives and layout a strategic plan that will be a good return on your investment. 

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