Email Marketing: Building Your First Campaign

Once you have invested the time to build your list and funnels to reach your audiences properly, you’ll then be able to work on touch-points. Creating natural touch-points with your audience makes for a better performing email campaign—your audience signed-up to receive beneficial, educational, and sometimes entertaining emails from you. Let’s take some time to map out what we want to communicate to our audiences.

Content Calendar Development

Developing a content calendar will help you develop a beneficial but not too invasive strategy for your email list. Knowing how often you want to send emails will help plan upcoming milestones, events, and more.

Determining the right content to send out to the right audience is important as well.

  • Have a brainstorming session and write down as many ideas as you can.
  • Put them into logical piles associated with your products, services, or topics.
  • Pair down the list of each by removing the undeveloped ideas.
  • Prioritize the ideas from strongest to weakest.
  • Associate each idea with a date on the calendar to get the maximum benefit.

As you can see, the better your content calendar is, the better your email marketing campaigns will perform.

Campaign Development

Give yourself plenty of time to ramp up and develop all the materials needed for your email campaigns. Many times, it’s much more than the email itself.

  • Concept (is it fully developed?)
  • Website content to point to from the email
  • Social media post about the email and or topic
  • Designing the email layout (images and text)
  • Research the best day and time to send the email
  • Monitor progress of the campaign
  • Look to send to non-openers 24 hours after the original
  • Record results and discuss with team
  • Repeat process for each campaign


Give yourself plenty of time to ramp up and develop all the materials needed for your email campaigns.

Follow-up Process

If you use a service like Hubspot, SharpSpring you may be able to create an automated funnel that will handle the follow-up process. If not, you may want to create a follow-up email (from a segmented list) to reach out to about any additional information. You may have informed your list about a FREE Whitepaper to download when they fill out a form on your website. You would then take that list and reach out to each person to see if they have any additional questions.

You may also note that a segmented list may need to get a different message next time to get them to take the next step in the sales cycle.

If you keep on schedule with your content calendar, you will learn to fine-tune your emails based on your response. 

As you can see, Email Marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly, and while it takes time and effort, it’s worth it.

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