Graphic Design: The Forgotten Service 

Developing a well-rounded brand identity for your organization can be complicated to achieve and feel a little overwhelming. While it’s essential to have a brand identity, it’s just as vital for it to be fully developed. The trap is to overlook several parts of development when you are launching or rebranding a business.

You may be trying to launch a website without realizing that your logo doesn’t convey who you are. You may be wanting to develop a brochure but lack the right message or images to communicate effectively. You may be advertising your organization, but your brand identity tells only part of the story or, worse yet, the wrong story.

Let’s take a closer look at a few examples.

Your Brand / Logo

Let’s use your brand/logo as an example of a project that needs good design to be effective. You may have developed a great website, but your logo doesn’t accurately communicate what you do. That’s going to lead to a breakdown in communication and ultimately in business. People have short memories, and you need a mark that is going to stick in their minds.

Print Collaterals

You have invested in your logo, but your print collaterals (brochures, business cards, folders, sales sheets, signage) were not. When your printed materials are not consistent with your brand, it creates confusion for your audience.


So you’ve spent the time and effort to build your brand and your print materials, but decided to cut corners on your website. While you may have saved a little bit of money, your online audience will be the ones who pay the price of consistency.

“Your brand identity is like a chain, and all it needs is one broken link to impact your business.”
The Common Thread

A strategic well-thought-out design is the common thread that would tie all of the above scenarios together. It’s common for an organization to overlook the need for good design to be applied to all the parts of their brand identity. After all, there may be several moving parts, and they can’t all be vital…right? Wrong!

Your brand identity is like a chain, and all it needs is one broken link to impact your business.

Our Suggestion

Invest in your brand, and it will pay dividends 100 times over again. Skimp on your brand, and it will continue to cost you over and over until you do it right.

Branding Breakdown

  • Brand/Logo
  • Printed Materials
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising

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