The Business of Video

Speaking in front of people is like standing in front of a firing squad for most people. You’ve probably heard the joke that some people may rather be in the coffin rather than giving the eulogy at a funeral.

Being in front of a camera isn’t much different for some people. They’d prefer to take part in the process but out of the frame of the camera for whatever reason. After developing videos for organizations and people, I believe there is a place for both options. 

You can be front and center to speak to your audience, develop a connection for people wanting to see who they would be doing business with. But you could do a narration over footage related to your business so you can still develop a connection with your audience, you don’t have to be in front of the camera. 

If you are super shy or just don’t want to be involved in the video at all, there is an option for that as well. But there isn’t an option where your business doesn’t’ take part in some type of video development. 

Your business in 3..2..1

I’ve recently heard that YouTube uploads 17 days worth of footage for every minute of the day. That is a lot of content generated on a platform that just came on the scene 10 years or so ago. Granted much of that content is almost useless for business, much of it does offer a valuable stream of communication.

“Your business must be taking part in video development in some form or fashion to stay in the curve.”

If you are in the “I’ll take a horse over a motor carriage any day” camp, this is going to probably upset you. Your business must be taking part in video development in some form or fashion to stay in the curve. You don’t have to be filming 24 / 7, but you do have to have a stream of video that communicates to your audience. 

Video Suggestions:

  • Monthly 2 min video that communicates something about your organization
  • Live broadcast of an event
  • Welcome video that helps establishes a connection
  • How-To video of a service you provide
  • Video Testimony from clients
  • Social media video segments
  • Video bios of each employee or lead team
  • Webinar that provides educational topics related to your industry / products / services
  • Interviews with partners
  • Video conferences

What should happen next: Come to terms with video

Be open to embracing new technology and use it wisely to grow your organization.

What should not happen: Play to your strengths

If your strength is a How-To video over a Welcome video, then do that. Step into video development using your best communication style. 

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